Manage your building securely

Enture cloud and devices reinforce security at all times. Our security is based on 3 pillars - consistency, Integrity and availability.

Cloud Security

IOT and cloud security

We use asymmetrically encrypted connectivity between our cloud and the devices. Anonymous requests are disallowed and we maintain a secure protocol to tackle our failsafe measures.

Encrypted API

Secure calls to APIs

All of our API calls require secure JWT token authentication and authorisation. All our generated tokens have short term expiry so that maximum security can be imposed.

Cecurity Checks

Redundant security/integrity checks

We have redundant security checks at each level for any payload to move from one endpoint to another. These redundant checks reinforce data integrity across our entire platform.

Data Consistency

Proactively maintain data consistency

All our servers and applications take consistency as a high priority. Our IOT devices actively sync data as a part of offline recovery and we incorporate multiple fail safes to ensure the same.

Security updates at regular intervals enables Enture to be ready at all times to prevent new emerging threats in today’s world.