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The OT and IT Integeration-I4.0

These IT-OT convergence helps in solving business and process problems using these datas.


Digitization, Industry4.0 and Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance is performed by assessing the health and performance of equipment through continuous asset condition monitoring.


How to implement digitization successfully?

Digitization is an opportunity to transform your operations to solve your top challenges


OEE for Pharma Industry

India has the highest number of US-FDA compliant Pharma plants outside of the USA and is home to more than 3,000 pharma companies with a strong network of over 10,500 manufacturing facilities.


Big Bill for Bill Chill

Real-time data are currently been used to manage the operation and the older data are usually discarded.


HVAC Monitoring for Systems Integerators Contractors and Domain Experts

IoT and data are changing the way HVAC systems are managed.


Edge Computing - An essential pillar for Industry4.0

Edge Computing serves as the bridge to connect the operation technology and the information technology. With is the ability to connect multiple devices using standard industry protocols with numerous OEM and a pro between information and operational technologies.

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Putting Industry 4.0 into practices for SMEs and Large Enterprise

Assess the current digitization gaps, identify the starting point, establish the vision and start with a pilot, create model factory and scale.

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Tips to Implement Digitization

The main objective of digitizing factories is to enhance operational visibility with all stakeholders, optimize resource efficiency and productivity, and, ultimately, build better quality products with less cost.

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IIoT/I4.0 and Security

With the evolution of The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) or I4.0, manufacturers will have networks of connected industrial devices working together to monitor, record, analyze the operation, and process data to help deliver new insights and optimize business processes. It can range from the most miniature sensors to large industrial equipment.

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Importance Of Measuring Power Quality

A study conducted by International cooper Alliance in 2012 covering 13 sectors in 3 southeastern countries shows that the economic impact due to poor power quality is around 1 Billion dollars per annum. In India scenario just because of poor power factor the estimated loss in transmission is around 5400 Cr.

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Industry 4.0 for Small and Medium Enterprise (SME)

Micros, Small, and Medium Enterprises are vital in the Indian economic structure due to their significant contribution to the socio-economic development of India. It accounts for 40% of industrial output, 40% of the total exports, creates 1.3 million jobs every year, and has been able to employ around 120 million persons.

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Energy Monitoring and Targeting management

Energy Monitoring is primarily a management technique that enables industries to control energy consumption accurately. Energy monitoring and targeting(M&T) is an approach in energy management to eliminate waste, reduce current level of energy use and optimize existing operation efficiency.

IoT Powered Predictive Maintenance

IoT Powered Predictive Maintenance

IoT enabled predictive maintenance strategies apart from preventing unexpected equipment failures can also improve the energy efficiency quotient when applied at certain specific areas. This article highlights few such specific areas in a typical commercial building.


Industry 4.0 and Digitization for efficiency.

Digitization is a steady companion in every facet of any business. It transforms business processes to drive profitability and efficiency. Industry 4.0 technologies are helping in improving the safety, accessibility, productivity, and sustainability of energy systems around the world.

Don’t Ignore Benchmarking.

Energy monitoring has become one of the prime focus areas for almost all facilities across various sectors these days. Few companies wherein the energy cost is having a significant portion of their overall cost will monitor the energy then compares it internally and externally and then prepares a strategy to reduce their energy costs.

What are Sustainable Development Goals and why it is important for humanity and mother earth?

The Sustainable Development Goals are a collection of 17 Global Goals designed by the UN to be a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

ROI for Smart Energy Monitoring Systems

Energy monitoring and optimisation is undoubtedly not a destination but a“Journey”. In the very earlier days of this journey, people monitored their energy consumption patterns through various manual ways they had and optimised their systems to some extent in an open loop.


The concept of the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system was introduced in the late sixties and, the Energy Management System (EMS) with a set of functionalities that relied on SCADA data was introduced in the seventies.

Industry 4.0 and How to implement it

Industry 4.0 is the ongoing digital transformation of industry process and automation where there is a seamless integration of IT and OT to make manufacturing and operations smart.

Energy Monitoring and Targeting

Energy Monitoring and Targeting(EM&T) is essential for industries and commercial buildings. It is globally proven that energy monitoring alone leads to a significant amount of savings.

IoT Energy Management

Energy management is the process to plan and manage energy consumption in your factories/buildings. Energy is one of the crucial resources for any business.

Specific Energy Consumption Report and Energy Monitoring Benefits

Specific Energy Consumption Report and Energy Monitoring Benefits

The Earth is warmer than it was before. Global temperature has risen by 1.9 degree Fahrenheit since the industrial revolution. To reach the goal of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 80–95% by 2050 compared to 1990 levels, industries, and commercial buildings have to improve their energy efficiency.

SMEs in the current times and build a turbulence-proof business

Steps to revive MSMEs in the current times and build a turbulence-proof business (using DIP Strategy).

The MSME sector is the backbone of our national economic structure and has always acted as the bulwark for the Indian economy, providing it resilience to ward off global economic shocks and adversities.

Electricity Management for Commercial Buildings

How is NEBESKIE LABS redefining the Electricity Management and helping reduce electricity wastage for businesses in India?

The world is moving ahead with a vision to build sustainable cities of the future using advanced technologies, but most businesses & buildings are without Electricity Management System.

Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Electricity Management

Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Electricity Management

The evolution of EV is a long stride towards sustainable living; we are just crossing the chasm for mass adoption. Govts across the globe have aligned their policymaking strategy towards sustainable living.

CommercialBuilding Energy Savings

How to make commercial buildings more energy-efficient? (Using 10 sustainable ways)

Today commercial buildings consume more energy than any other sector. According to a report of US Energy Information Administration, commercial and residential buildings contributed to 40% of all US energy consumption in 2015.

Nebeskie Electricity Management

Why Electricity Management? Being unable to manage electricity is a real problem

Energy management is to monitor and control electricity consumption, to save business energy cost, by identifying the wastage and opportunities to save electricity. Commercial building wastes 30 % of the total energy consumption which is the loss for the business.

Increase Business profitabillity

3 Steps to a profitable business with electricity management

With rising energy costs and adherence to old electricity management tools, it has become tough for business owners, facility managers, or financial managers to cut down electricity expenses by traditional methods.

Stand By and sleep mode

Cost of Sleep Mode of appliances for Business - Phantom Energy

After a regular business day, you are ready to leave for your home, but then you face a dichotomy: to turn off the electrical appliances or to keep them on standby or sleep mode.

World under covid19 coronavirus

How Technology will impact the Businesses post-COVID-19?

With over 2.72 million confirmed cases* and 1.91 lacs of deaths* around the world due to coronavirus, the current situation is being regarded as one of the worst pandemics of the human history that has affected the entire population of the world.

Data Analytics

Why Data Analytics is important for Electricity Management?

Modern buildings, be it commercial or residential, are becoming data collection centers, that captures temperature and humidity levels, occupancy statistics, device electricity consumption, and other important measurements.

Why should your Business invest in Electricity Management System

Why should your Business invest in Electricity Management System?

You are a businessperson or a facility manager who is concerned and responsible for improving the operational productivity of your organization. You either do some changes in the company’s operational process or replace and install new appliances needed for the organization.