Case Study - Digitizing SME for remote energy and productivity monitoring in real-time.


The customer is a steel wire drawing and cutting factory. It supplies steel rods, cut in specific lengths and diameters. The factory owner and consultants require to monitor the production and energy consumption data for tracking operation and energy monitoring, measurement, and verification. The factory has 5 Drawing Machines running on VFDs and 7 Cutting Machines. Data monitoring and recording it manually was not consistent and error-prone.

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All VFDs for drawing were connected with the Enture IoT Edge platform for the drawing process. The cutting process is monitored through sensors for the rod count and a smart meter for energy. These sensors and energy meters are connected to Enture. The factory owner can now log in to Enture and monitor the operation of the factory in a single dashboard, keep track of the production and energy consumed.

OEMs and System Integrators


Lean and Efficient Manufacturing

Lean and Efficient Manufacturing

System Interoperability

Predictive Maintenance and alerts for continuous optimization

Track productivity

Track productivity and operations in real time.

Plug and play hardware-software integration through Enture Edge Hub

Single dashboard for remote monitoring and tracking.

"Most Innovative Energy Saving Product"- 21st National Award for Excellence in Energy Management 2020 - Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)