Energy Monitoring and Target


Energy Monitoring is primarily a Management Technique that uses energy information to eliminate waste, reduce and control the current level of energy use and improve the existing operating procedures. It essentially combines the principles of energy use and statistics, and it is the most significant demand to decrease the energy expenditure from the businesses.

Monitoring is essentially aimed at preserving an established pattern, whereas Targeting is the identification of energy consumption level, which is desirable as a management objective to work towards energy conservation.

The main objective of Energy Monitoring is to measure energy consumption over time, setting targets for reduced consumption, reporting variances, and taking actions to variances.

We enable organizations to monitor, analyze, compare, and control the usage of energy. Our IoT edge-technology Enture provides a Smart Energy Energy Management System that tracks the energy usage of different appliances and regions of the plant/city on a real-time basis.

We at Nebeskie Labs Labs focus on enhancing the energy performance leading to increased profits of the organization, and providing an improved level of calculation of energy costs for projected levels of production, benchmarking, and noticing the slandered power consumption of the appliances, and improving the operational decision making and subsequent analysis.