Smart Building

smart buildings

Smart building is more than automation. With technologies like IoT and Edge computing smart building is more about optimizing the operation cost, and occupants' experience. The smart building covers three main aspects - operational efficiency, asset management & maintenance, and occupants' comfort.

The core of the smart building is a connected system for the building assets - such as HVAC. Lighting, Water pumps, and security system.
With all the systems connected at one platform, data collected helps in predictive analysis of wastage of resources, enables predictive maintenance, and enhances the experience.

IoT is an essential driver for smart building and helps in connecting things to one platform, which was never done before. We at Nebeskie Labs help buildings to be smart by connecting Lights, Fans, and HVAC to one platform through the Enture IoT node.
Enture Energy Analytics helps to optimize the consumption and reduces the operational cost for the building. Facility managers also benefit from data analytics, control, and automation to make informed decisions to improve operational efficiency.