Sustainable and Smart Buildings

Industrial Internet of Things

Buildings across the world consume a significant amount of energy which is equivalent to one-third of the total primary energy resources available and this has led to quick depletion of energy resources and due to the subsequent increase in building service demands and improvised comfort lifestyle, the energy consumption has also increased. To manage electricity, global sustainability has been pushing the implementation of green and smart buildings in the real world.

smart building is a super-system of interconnected building systems that involves the installation and use of intelligent, advanced, and integrated building technology systems thereby making it efficient, reliable, and safe. Smart buildings interact with the people, systems, and external elements around them and learn from past experiences and real-time inputs. They adapt themselves according to the needs of the people and the businesses within them by increasing comfort, efficiency, resiliency, safety, and sustainability.

Smart buildings present an obvious sector of the market in which the Internet of Things (IoT) enabled services can generate efficiencies, improved user experiences and profits, and solve anomalies. Key innovation solutions for intelligent buildings include sustainability, use of information and communication technology, robotics, embedded sensor technology, smart-materials technology including nanotechnology, and social change. 

At Nebeskie Labs we focus on the reduction and elimination of negative impacts on the environment by reducing electricity wastage, promoting increased biodiversity, and thereby creating a productive and efficient location where security is maintained and integrity is protected, in addition to indoor comfort.

We at Nebeskie Labs, through our IoT edge-technology product Enture, provide the most cost-effective approach to the design and deployment of building technology systems. Enture provides effective automation and optimization of energy management systems and proper utilization of space and advanced digital systems.