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We partner with system integrators, OEMs, consultants, industry veterans, and auditors to solve the problem of digitization and EMS through IoT and I4.0 products. We help in improving the service levels of your customers and unlocking new opportunities with the Enture IoT Edge Platform.


Enture Highlights

OEMs and System Integrators

Remote Diagnostics - Reduce the cost of field maintenance.

Digital Twin - Connect all your assets and parameters.

Move from reactive to predictive maintenance for your customers.

Guaranteed uptime.

Help your customers arrest revenue losses due to unexpected Downtime.

Create new recurring and predictive revenue streams.



Monitor, record and analyze energy and related data remotely.

Transparent measurement and verification.

Plug and Play IoT Edge Device.

Reduce the cost of field visits.

Reduced time to service your customer.

Increase revenue with more business opportunities.


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