Monitor and Save Electricity upto 30 % with Enture

Enture is a low carbon technology and provides its customer to track their electricity consumption and wastage at device level’s —and cuts down 90% of the wastage .

Enture Use cases

Electricity Monitoring

Electricity Monitoring

Electricity consumption and wastage monitoring at the device level and energy analytics to optimize the efficiency of the building.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Data to determine the in-service electrical device total runtime and schedule maintenance.

Comfort & Touch-less Interface

Comfort & Touch-less Interface

Control and schedule devices through the app. Go touchless with Enture App for hassle-free day to day operations.

Electricity Savings

Electricity Savings

Data-driven strategy for Facility manager and control to cut down electricity wastage - reduces the electricity bill.

Asset Management

Asset Management

Connect all electrical device assets in multiple locations to the internet and monitor them through a single platform.

IoT Charging Station

IoT Charging Station

Monitor the electricity consumed for charging electric vehicles. Use Enture SaaS for billing and automated processes.

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Make your building smart without changing the existing electrical devices

Using Enture as your electricity management tool helps you track consumption, identify wastage, and make your building energy efficient .

Manage your energy assets securely with the Enture security assurance

Using Enture as your electricity management tool helps you manage your devices seamlessly by mitigating all your security risks. .

Enture Security
Product roadmaps

Centralize collection of info, understand your organisation's energy usage and wastage patterns, see where and how enture is saving your energy costs.

Enture Devices

control and monitor your devices remotely. Compare device states and find devices easily in user defined groups.

Enture reports

Get a detailed report on energy usage in each section of your organisation. Understanding the big picture often needs to start in the ground level.

Sprint planning

Plan sprints milestones, launch dates, and backlog in Asana so your team knows what work they need to focus on—and can track progress as they go.

Bug tracking

Create groups, arrange your devices, add subgroups and organize. Identify the energy used collectively by devices of a section.

Work requests

Scheduling of your device at your finger tips. Schedule your devices at your convenience and automate your work environment.

Monitor and Save Electricity upto 30 %

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