How is Nebeskie Labs redefining Electricity Management and saving energy for businesses in India?

Electricity Management for Commercial Buildings

The world is moving ahead with a vision to build sustainable cities of the future using advanced technologies, but most businesses & buildings are without Electricity Management System. Buildings relying on traditional automation pushes them back to achieve their sustainable energy goals. Businesses without electricity management systems and sustainable practices make them vulnerable to operational losses and contribute to Global Warming. Faster adoption of IoT technology to better monitor, control, and audit electricity consumption is required both in terms of controlling energy losses and in terms of achieving sustainable energy goals.

The current market offers a range of electricity management systems for controlling and reducing electricity consumption. However, the acceptance for these solutions is low due to the high cost of installation, low ROI, and in certain cases infrastructure changes. Every business looks for an affordable electricity management system with hassle-free hardware installation and a high return on investment. This is the problem Nebeskie Labs solves - reducing the adoption barrier through IoT-Edge product, Enture. We deliver value through easy to integrate Enture IoT Nodes ( Switches & Sensor) and scalable AI/ML on a monthly subscription.


”The clear skies of Mumbai, the clean water of the river Ganges, and the view of Himalayas from Jalandhar, during lockdown, has instigated a thought in the minds of the people and has become a talking point in the society and in WhatsApp groups. It has led many groups to introspect their earlier behavior and actions that had led to vast destruction to the nature. People are now realizing how one can live in harmony with nature by cutting down their use and practices that involved fossil fuels.“

Vision of Nebeskie Labs

Electricity management has always been an area of problem for businesses that are affected by rising energy costs and adherence to traditional automation. Businesses are now looking for newer technologies that can reduce the manual effort to monitor and control electricity consumption, and help reduce their carbon footprint. Thus, with the vision to present greener earth to humanity, Nebeskie Labs started its journey in 2016. It aims to create an energy-efficient ecosystem by providing a scalable, efficient, and low carbon solution for electricity management through AI and IoT-Edge computing. We strongly believe that electricity is an indispensable asset and its consumption can be made more efficient and green.

With Monitor, Control, and Audit of electricity, Nebeskie Labs has enabled businesses to cut their electricity consumption through real-time device monitoring, predictive consumption analysis, and predictive assessment of electricity wastage. The practice of continuous monitoring of electricity consumption across devices has helped businesses to detect and resolve wastage, while also giving them analytics to Manage, Optimize, and Save electricity consumption. These practices make commercial buildings more energy efficient with reduced cost, reduced risk, and reduced carbon emission.

Facts to know for any business before it chooses an electricity management system:

95% of commercial buildings do not have an electricity management system.

30% of electricity used is wasted in a commercial building.

Proper monitoring of the building and electricity consumption saves up to 16% of electricity usage.

If one cannot measure it, one cannot improve it.

Environmental Protection

“We are solving prevailing electricity management issues in the industry and enabling every organization to save energy cost up to 30% using AI-based IoT platform called Enture, to create intelligent buildings of the future.” – Team Nebeskie.

The Solution - Enture

Nebeskie Labs understands the current challenges and inhibitions that a business owner faces for adopting an electricity management system.

The top three reasons why 95 % of commercial buildings are not having electricity management systems in India are the high cost of installation, long payback period, and infrastructural changes.

Our product innovation on Edge computing is driven by the market requirement and enables us to deliver electricity management on a monthly subscription per device.

smart City1

The plug and play IoT nodes give the flexibility to install the system without doing any infrastructural changes. The system also generates real-time data and reports that can be further assessed and analyzed to control energy usage. The integrated AI and data analytics helps one to understand the energy requirements for the business.

Enture Nebeskie architecture

Enture enables facility managers and business owners with predictive analytics that identifies energy wastage and helps businesses save energy cost. It connects all electrical devices to the internet and creates a network to monitor and control energy consumption, enabling energy-efficient Smart buildings, offices, and cities.

Nebeskie Labs is incubated at Deshpande Startups and is a part of the NASSCOM 10000 Startup ecosystem. It was the winner at the Global Housing Technology Challenge (GHTC-19) in 2019.”

"Most Innovative Energy Saving Product" - 21st National Award for Excellence in Energy Management 2020 - Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).