IoT Energy Management

IOT Energy Management

Energy management is the process to plan and manage energy consumption in your factories/buildings. Energy is one of the crucial resources for any business. Monitoring energy data across the whole organization at a regular interval is a daunting task. Organizations that have adopted energy management through manual monitoring and recording often end up with silos of data, losing enormous time recording the data, and without meaningful analysis.

Even buildings with building management installed or factories with automation, the factory/building managers are essentially shooting in the dark about what steps to take for energy efficiency. These tools are designed only to gather data for automating purposes and lack of analytics capabilities. The smart way in today's connected world is to monitor and record energy data is through the Internet of Things(IoT).

IoT enables real-time data gathering at a granular level to achieve greater savings. IoT Energy Management has the same goal of energy efficiency through data, analytics, target, and control. Real-time data at a granular level enables greater savings than the traditional BMS or Factory Automation.

Real-Time Data

Real-Time Data

IoT allows to monitor in real-time and records the data. Various aspects of the building/factory can be monitored on a real-time basis, on a single dashboard. Analysis of these real-time data can reveal if any device is wasting energy and can be fixed at the earliest and stop the wastage. It also helps in predictive maintenance. Analysis of the recorded data and real-time data can predict the maintenance date even before devices start to waste energy.

Granular Monitoring and Data

Granular device-level monitoring helps us to understand better energy consumption pattern of an organization. For example, we can monitor the power quality by connecting IoT sensors to all devices and not just the major consumption devices. Measuring the quality of the power and active power consumption can help us identify how efficient the building/factory is operating. With data, organizations can make strategic decisions on energy usage that will make an impact.

Enture IoT energy management

Enture - IoT Energy Management enables an organization to automate energy data collection through a plug and play IoT Edge Hub and a powerful dashboard with energy analytics & reports.
Internet of Things allows connecting multiple devices to one dashboard with multiple users. It brings accuracy and saves time in recording & reporting the data. IoT solves customer problems and enables digital transformation. Our solution Enture helps to better manage energy consumption patterns in commercial and industrial sectors by taking accurate energy data at a fundamental and granular level.

"Most Innovative Energy Saving Product" - 21st National Award for Excellence in Energy Management 2020 - Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).