Tips to Implement Digitization

Tips to Implement Digitization

The question is becoming less about "should we digitize?" and more about "how and what do we digitize?". In a manufacturing context, digitization is not a straightforward thing to implement; it comes with its own set of challenges, often magnified by complex, interdependent, and silo systems and a "hardwired" workforce resistant to change. Here are a few things to get started with digitization and implement it successfully.

Start Small - Define the Scope

Digitizing your factory is overwhelming, and the data opens up new possibilities addressing three critical use cases, energy management, predictive maintenance, and power quality monitoring.

Start with small, high-impact monitoring projects and back it with analytics for internal support for the digital initiative.To get started, you may want to consider a modular, scalable, and secure IoT cloud solution that will allow you to deploy a digital solution efficiently without a substantial up-front expense.

To this end, our IoT Edge platform Enture allows you to kickstart your digital journey, where you can start with one machine and scale the solution to the entire factory while only paying for what you use.

It's the perfect solution for organizations looking for IoT partners that have just started the digital journey. You don't want to be burdened with hefty licensing fees while still working out the scope of the digitization and use case applicable for the factory.

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Look for I3.0 Devices

If you are not collecting data from I3.0 devices (such as VFDs, Multifunction meters, PLCs, Sensors, many more.), start with them. These devices communicate and can be quickly connected to one platform for data visualization and analytics. Build your notification on the go and as per the requirement of your factory.

Involve all stakeholders and engage the staff

Getting supervisors and managers involved early in your digitization project is essential because their feedback and experience are crucial in developing and deploying the ultimate solution.

Ask your managers and supervisors in maintenance, quality, safety, and production, if there are any pain points or challenges with their current processes.
  • Are there issues with data recording and sharing reports for key processes?

  • Are the data and analytics available as and when required for the decision-making process?

  • Are there problems with data collection, including errors and omissions?

  • Are the steps generally followed correctly, or are they missed?
Gather insights and alignment; at this stage, you can also involve consultants to guide you through this process. Establish a base KPI that you can use to measure the performance of the factory, machine, or process.

With all these in place, you will be ready with a pilot project, validated uses case, and compelling business reason to invest in digitization.

Source: LinkedIn