VFD Monitoring – Step towards Predictive maintenance

Enture is a comprehensive platform for VFD monitoring and analytics. Seamlessly monitor error code and alarms, power, speed, torque, heat sink temperature, motor current and speed, frequency, voltage and other critical parameters. Its interoperability and scalability helps in monitoring and processing data from various OEM VFDs via standrad industrial protocals.

What is VFD

A Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) is a type of motor controller that drives an electric motor by varying the frequency and voltage supplied to the electric motor. Variable frequency drives are widely used to control the speed of AC motors, like conveyor systems, blower speeds, pump speeds, machine tool speeds, cooling systems, compressors, air handling units & other applications that require variable speed with variable torque.

Why should you monitor VFDs?

In today's rapidly evolving industrial landscape, efficiency and cost savings are paramount. One technology that has revolutionized the way we control electric motors and optimize energy consumption is Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs).

75% of the assets in the industry are motors and VFD monitoring helps us in monitoring both motor’s and the VFD’s health. VFD monitoring helps in continuous tracking and analysis of Variable Frequency Drives' and Motor’s performance, parameters, and operating conditions; to fully harness the benefits of VFDs and ensure the longevity of both motor and VFD, VFD monitoring is an absolute necessity.

Prevent Costly Downtime
Downtime in industrial processes can lead to substantial financial losses. VFDs are integral to the smooth operation of motors, pumps, and fans. By monitoring VFDs, you can identify potential issues and irregularities before they escalate into costly breakdowns. This proactive approach allows for scheduled maintenance, reducing unplanned downtime and associated expenses.
Optimize Energy Efficiency
Energy consumption is a significant operating cost in industrial settings. VFDs are known for their ability to adjust motor speed according to load requirements, resulting in substantial energy savings. However, with proper monitoring, you unlock opportunities for further optimization. VFD monitoring allows you to fine-tune VFD settings, achieve optimal energy efficiency, and reduce energy bills.
Extend Equipment Lifespan
Industrial motors represent a significant investment. VFDs protect this investment by reducing wear and tear on motors and associated components. Monitoring VFDs helps detect abnormal operating conditions, preventing premature equipment failure and the need for costly replacements.
Data-Driven Decision-Making
In today's data-driven world, making informed decisions is key to success. VFD monitoring provides valuable insights into your equipment's performance over time. Identify trends, optimize processes, and make strategic decisions that enhance overall operational efficiency.

Key Parameters

Motor Current
Monitoring motor current helps identify variations in load conditions and abnormal current spikes, which can indicate mechanical issues, excessive load, or electrical problems. It helps ensure the motor is operating within the expected current range.
Monitoring the output frequency of the drive provides insights into the speed of the compressor. Deviations from the desired frequency can indicate issues such as mechanical faults, inadequate refrigerant flow, or abnormal compressor operation.
Monitoring the input and output voltages of the drive helps ensure stable and appropriate power supply. Significant voltage fluctuations or instability can impact the compressor's performance and may indicate electrical issues or problems with the power supply.
Monitoring the power consumption of the drive and compressor system allows for energy efficiency evaluation and optimization. It helps identify abnormal power usage, assess system efficiency, and identify potential energy-saving opportunities.
Monitoring the motor speed provides real-time information about the compressor's rotational speed. Deviations from the desired speed can indicate mechanical problems, belt slippage, or control issues that may require attention or adjustment.
Monitoring the torque output of the motor provides insights into the compressor's load conditions. Abnormal torque values can indicate issues such as excessive or insufficient load, mechanical problems, or changes in system conditions.
Heat Sink Temperature
Monitoring the heat sink temperature helps ensure proper heat dissipation and prevent overheating. It allows for early detection of temperature anomalies that may indicate issues with cooling, blocked airflow, or component failure.
DC Link Voltage
Monitoring the DC Link voltage helps ensure stable power supply to the drive's internal components. Deviations from the expected voltage range may indicate issues with the power supply, rectification, or capacitor health.

Enture platform benefits

  • Interoperable platform and work with all OEMs for VFDs, Sensors, multifunction meters and other OTs via standard industrial protocols.
  • No data loss with edge architecture. For cloud-based solutions the edge architecture at the factory or building premise ensures data is not lost due to internet connectivity issues.
  • Process and analyze the collected data, raise alarms in case of variance. Insights for user to take data driven decisions for operations and maintenance.
  • Customized dashboard and user specific views for focused data visualization. Enture provides no code platform to customize visualization and reporting for MIS or any compliance reporting.
  • Use Enture APIs to integrate with 3rd party ERP systems such as Oracle, Microsoft, Sage, SAP and others.

VFD Monitoring Management Solutions Overview

Enture Advantages

Telemetry Data Collection

Effortlessly gather and analyze real-time data from your OT devices, enabling informed decision-making.


Seamlessly integrates with any OT and IT systems, ensuring a unified and efficient IoT ecosystem.


Manage multiple tenants or clients within a single platform, simplifying administration & optimizing resource utilization.

APIs for Enterprise IT Systems & Software

Enhance connectivity by leveraging our robust APIs to integrate with your existing IT infrastructure.

Edge Enabled

Process data at the edge for faster response times, enhancing the performance of your IIoT applications.


Your data's safety is our priority. Benefit from top-tier security measures to protect IoT ecosystem from potential threats.


Grow your IoT infra effortlessly as your needs, ensuring seamless expansion without compromising performance.

Data Visualization

Gain insights through dynamic & intuitive data visualization tools, transforming raw data into actionable intelligence.

Custom Reports

Tailor reports to your unique requirements, enabling you to monitor & analyze IoT data in a way that suits your business.

Ease of Use

Enjoy a user-friendly interface that simplifies IoT management and empowers users of all skill levels.


Get up and running swiftly with our hassle-free installation process, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.