We monitor and save electricity, making your building energy efficient

Worried about electricity wastage? Make your building energy efficient with Enture, and reduce your operation costs.

How buildings waste energy


9-16% of electricity can be saved with the monitoring of electricity consumption. Get real-time data on electricity consumption and wastage through Enture IoT nodes


Optimize the consumption of energy by managing electricity. IoT sensors help you understand the consumption requirement, and IoT switches control the devices as per the building requirement and occupant's comfort.


Make your building smart and efficient to save business energy costs. Enture Plug and Play IoT nodes are easy to install and require no infrastructure changes. Get started with Enture Subscription.

Why Electricity Management?

Commercial building wastes 30% of the total energy consumption and incurs loss for the business

Start managing your electricity

Choose one of Enture subscription programs suitable to your organisation

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