Specific Energy Consumption Report and Energy Monitoring Benefits

Why business need electricity management

The Earth is warmer than it was before. Global temperature has risen by 1.9 degree Fahrenheit since the industrial revolution.
To reach the goal of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 80–95% by 2050 compared to 1990 levels, industries, and commercial buildings have to improve their energy efficiency.

Improving energy efficiency is considered to be the most promising measure to mitigate climate change. Energy management is an important means to improve energy efficiency, and specific energy consumption (SEC) helps us identify potential improvements in energy efficiency.

Since energy consumption by industry is an absolute quantity, the specific energy consumption is used as an index. In India, there is no integrated study conducted on the SEC for various industrial sectors.

Generally, SEC is calculated by dividing the amount of energy used by the number/quantity of products.

SEC's for each industrial group can help us in classifying industries as energy-intensive or non-intensive. To strive towards carbon neutrality, we need to benchmark the energy requirement for products and services.

The variance in maximum and minimum SEC of industry shows that there is a high probability of energy wastage.
In the case of manufacturing paper, the minimum SEC is 12510, and the maximum is 17245 (38% higher).
In the case of manufacturing sugar, the minimum SEC is 5264 units/ton, and the maximum is 11162 (112% higher).
For tiles, the minimum value is 4.55, and the maximum is 7.65 (68% higher). For textiles, the difference (in percentage) is 52%.

It is also possible that in some situations, the difference in SEC is due to the quality of the product and not due to energy efficiencies.

Similarly, in the case of commercial buildings (hotels, restaurants, banks, residential complexes, and offices) the minimum and maximum SEC varies more than 50%.
SEC is the first step to identify energy wastage and efficiency. With device and group level of monitoring, we can associate the energy consumption of devices, machines, appliances for some specific purpose.

Benefits of Energy Monitoring, and SEC.

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We can't manage efficiently what we don't measure. Monitoring is the first step towards energy efficiency and is one of the fastest, most cost-effective ways to save money, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and meet growing energy demand.

Reduce Cost / Save Energy

With the ever-increasing cost of energy, saving electricity is often good for the business's bottom line.

Reduced Risk

The more energy business use, the higher is the risk due to the increase in price or shortage of energy supply on profitability and operations. With electricity management, monitor and save electricity, making it more predictable.

Reduced Carbon emission

Optimum energy consumption leads to reduced carbon emission and GREENER Earth. With carbon tax being applicable in most countries' costs, Implications of saving energy and reducing carbon emission are immense.

Enture can help you save energy and reduce costs

Enture Energy Analytics

Enture Energy Management solutions are customized based on your organization's requirements. We monitor and save up to 30% of energy and related costs. By installing an accurate, reliable metering and control system in your building, we enable easy monitoring and reporting of your building's/factory's utilities.

Benefits Includes:

• Single dashboard to track and monitor.

• Specific Energy Consumption Report.

• Easy understanding of trends with charts.

• Groupwise energy reports, TOD, monthly and yearly reports.

• Scheduling of devices based on time of day.

• Manual entry and access of data from Factory Process Logbook.

• Send email, sms for real-time notification.

Energy Management System enables your facility and finance teams to identify excess energy use and empowers them to resolve the issue and save money.

"Most Innovative Energy Saving Product" - 21st National Award for Excellence in Energy Management 2020 - Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).