Putting Industry 4.0 into practices for SMEs and Large Enterprise

Industry 4.0 Nebeskie

• Assess the current situation. Companies should begin with their factories comprehensive digital health check to understand their actual starting point. What operation technology does your factory have? Can they communicate? Is operation data from the factories being collected? If so, is the company storing it in a structured database for analysis? Is the information being used for decision-making?

• Establish the vision. Next, the organization should decide precisely what it wants to accomplish and how it will do so. For example, is the purpose, energy management, and power quality management improving energy efficiency, increasing productivity, or predictive maintenance?

• Start with pilots. Successful implementations of I4.0 start with pilot programs. It gives an opportunity to test new technologies in real-life factories; manufacturers can specify the essential requirements and challenges and create the road map for the digitization that addresses the needs of the organizations.

• Create a model factory. After the successful pilot project, the manufacturer should designate a single plant for the initial rollout of all technologies. This plant becomes the Model factory. It helps us in two ways; first, we get an opportunity to stress test the IoT product for seamless integration and functioning of the new technology; second, it provides an early champion for change, manifesting the corporate vision.

Set strong governance. Successful implementation of Industry 4.0 across all plants requires strong governance and a central approach to change management—involving all key stakeholders. Without clear vision and collaboration, chances of duplicate efforts and costs are high, with no alignment with the company's digitization objectives. A robust central steering committee, led by the leadership team, can ensure successful implementation, avoid duplicate effort, align all factories with the organization's goals, and capitalize on existing systems and solutions, accelerating the process of digitization.

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