Why should your Business invest in Electricity Management System?

Why business need electricity management

You are a businessperson or a facility manager who is concerned and responsible for improving the operational productivity of your organization. You either do some changes in the company’s operational process or replace and install new appliances needed for the organization. You are now confident of reducing your operational expenses, but the annual report says a minimal reduction despite your effort. “Where have I gone wrong?”, you ask the question to your business friend. Your friend suggests you doing an audit to find the areas of uncontrolled expenses. You went ahead with the suggestion and have your company audited to find the areas of uncontrolled expenses. The audit report says that electricity consumption is not properly managed on the company premises and that contributes to a majority of uncontrolled expenses of the organization. Electricity Management System is the answer to such scenarios - which saves time and money.

Similar scenarios happen across industries where many companies do not know where their money is running out until they do an audit to identify and control those expenses. The majority of the audit reports point out that the absence of a proper electricity management system denies companies to check their electricity consumption. It also points out that uncontrolled electricity consumption is a major contributor (5%-15%) to the vampire expenses in the organization.

Important Facts:

• 16% of electricity expense is saved per year with proper monitoring of electricity consumption.

• Sleep mode of appliances consumes up to 15% of the total energy consumption.

• More electricity consumption causes more greenhouse gas emissions.

• One can decrease its carbon footprint by reducing electricity consumption.

• 30% of electricity is wastage in a commercial building.

What is the Electricity Management System?

Electricity maintenance

An electricity management system is a technology platform, often SaaS, comprised of both hardware and software that allow users to monitor electricity usage and to manually control and automate the use of electricity to reduce electricity consumption and save electricity expenses. Advancements in technology have given business solutions to better audit, analyze, and optimize energy consumption. Enture,from Nebeskie Labs, is one such AI-powered electricity management IoT platform with predictive analytic that identifies energy wastage and saves business energy cost. It helps a business to increase its profitability by helping monitor and optimize electricity consumption. Its predictive analysis identifies electricity wastage and saves up to 30% of electricity consumption.

Why your business needs an Electricity Management System?

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Businesses, that were earlier reluctant to try out an electricity management system, now realize how beneficial it is in day-to-day operations of any business. They realize that wasting electricity is wasting money as businesses are continuously faced with budgeting challenges with costs adding up at the end of every month. With a proper system in place to check electricity consumption, businesses are now able to monitor and control the electricity wastage. Regular analysis of electricity data helps to track energy usage patterns and make informed decisions. This has helped to reduce their overall business cost and reinvest in other areas. At the same time, it is also important for businesses to be ahead of the competition and to demonstrate its customers and shareholders that the company is environmentally responsible.

Here are the reasons why businesses all over the world are choosing to invest in energy management systems (EMS).

Remote Building Access

1. Removes manual errors

The most common procedure in every company or business is that one person is appointed to take care of electricity management. He goes on every floor to switch on or switch off the appliances, replaces faulting devices, and takes meter readings. This usually encounters errors that affect the company’s bottom line. In addition to it, this manual process does not prepare any business to be ready during any mishappening. EMS automates electricity management and thus eliminates every possible human error.

2. Identify electricity wastage

With EMS, electricity consumption data is collected across buildings, floors, rooms, devices, and across time duration that is then combined, processed, and optimized. This helps in identifying electricity wastage bottlenecks and resolving them on time.

3. Reduces maintenance costs

With continuous monitoring of energy usage and appliances health, EMS proactively identifies operational problems such as equipment that needs to be repaired or replaced. Repairs and maintenance can, therefore, be scheduled before an emergency arises, thus eliminating costly short-notice or out-of-hours replacement and avoiding failure and downtime.

4. Real-time data acquisition

EMS, equipped with an AI-based IoT platform, enables one to monitor every device on a real-time basis that helps one to collect data on every possible level. This data acquisition provides enough information to effectively plan out the electricity plan for the facility or building.

5. Continuous monitoring

Phantom energy is one of the major contributors to electricity wastage in any commercial building. With continuous monitoring, one can easily find out when and where electricity is required during a business and a non-business day. Defining an uptime for devices helps to check the energy wastage. EMS cuts out the electricity supply to devices that do not need energy after business hours.

6. Remote access

The IoT-based platform, on which the majority of electricity management systems are built on, gives you remote access to monitor and control the devices using mobile apps.

7. Improve facility performance

EMS helps businesses to increase their productivity and help improve the overall performance of the facility, be it any manufacturing firm, a small business, or any commercial building. As mentioned earlier, EMS helps to check the health of every device within a facility and thus increasing performance in the long run.

8. Improve the bottom line

Needless to say that when you are in control of your electricity consumption that contributes to the majority of your expenses, your bottom line increases significantly.

Smart buildings

We, at Nebeskie Labs, are providing businesses with cutting-edge electricity management technology to monitor, control, and save electricity wastage. Our product, Enture, uses predictive analytics to access detailed information about how much energy a facility is consuming, thus providing businesses an easier way to save money by lowering the electricity consumption and energy bills.

Visit this link to know more about how a business can reduce electricity expenses in buildings and office premises.

"Most Innovative Energy Saving Product" - 21st National Award for Excellence in Energy Management 2020 - Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).