3 Steps to a profitable business with electricity management

(+ 5 Ways to reduce electricity wastage in commercial buildings)

Increase Business profitabillity

With rising energy costs and adherence to old electricity management tools, it has become tough for business owners, facility managers, or financial managers to cut down electricity expenses by traditional methods.

Traditional electricity management systems do not give the flexibility to monitor electricity usage and to reduce electricity consumption as compared to new-age IoT based electricity management systems.

Every business or institution looks for ways to reduce overhead expenses and to increase business profitability. A business is profitable only when operations are streamlined and opportunities for loss are cut to a minimum. An expense, that could have been saved, is a recurring loss for the business which dents the profitability. Electricity expense is one such expense that can be audited, analyzed, and reduced to a minimum level with IoT based electricity management systems.

What is an electricity management system?

Enture Electricity management system

An electricity management system is a technology platform, often SaaS, comprised of both hardware and software that allow users to monitor electricity usage and to manually control and automate the use of electricity to reduce electricity consumption and save electricity expenses. Advancements in technology have given solutions to better audit, analyze, and optimize energy consumption.

Enture, from Nebeskie Labs, is one such AI-powered electricity management IoT platform with predictive analytics that identifies energy wastage and saves business energy cost. It helps a business to increase its profitability by helping monitor and optimize electricity consumption. Its predictive analysis identifies electricity wastage and saves up to 30% of electricity consumption.

3 Steps to a Profitable Business with Electricity Management

The majority of businesses have become successful by reducing electricity consumption and wastage using new-age Electricity Management Systems. Having explained what an electricity management system is, let us know how it would help a business become more profitable. Following an MRA (Monitor-Reduce-Audit) strategy to electricity management, a business can significantly reduce electricity wastage.

1. Monitor the existing usage of electricity.

Every business must monitor and check the consumption of electricity within the premises regularly. Monitoring the usage of electricity ensures you are not wasting energy or using excessive energy.

2. Reduce energy consumption and electricity wastage.

Once a business has initiated with monitoring its premises for electricity consumption, it should look for ways to reduce the consumption, where needed, to reduce the overhead expenditure.

3. Audit and Optimize energy efficiency.

Regular monitoring and optimizing energy consumption with electricity management systems help businesses to reduce overall energy expenditure. Successful businesses opt for new-age advanced electricity management systems to better audit and optimize electricity consumption.

Save electrical expenses

"Enture, from Nebeskie Labs, is an electricity management technology platform that provides its customers with ways to track their electricity consumption and wastage at the device level and cuts down 90% of the electricity wastage ."

5 Ways to reduce Electricity Wastage in Commercial Buildings

1. Use more natural light.

Natural light is a free resource for every business. Businesses should look at ways to utilize this resource in an effective way to cut down electricity wastage. Several daylighting controls automatically reduce illumination levels based on the amount of natural light available through windows and open rooftops.

2. Evaluate after-hours energy usage.

Businesses must monitor the after-hours operational energy usage and adjust the building’s operational timings to check the unnecessary electricity consumption.

3. Use shades to reduce the inflow of heat.

Different types of shades over the windows or in open areas can affect the heating, ventilation, or air-conditioning load. Shades help in reducing heat, glare and energy cost.

4. Install wall switch dimmers.

Lighting dimmers are an effective way to save electricity consumption when combined with timers or occupancy sensors. Not only they save expenses by reducing energy usage but they can also extend bulb life.

5. Installing room/area occupancy sensors.

Certain areas in the building or within a facility, such as conference rooms, restrooms, or storage rooms, might not be occupied for extended periods during the regular workday. Room and area occupancy sensors can be automated to turn off the electricity when it is not needed.

Save electrical expenses

These simple yet effective hacks can produce a significant reduction in the electricity bill. Nebeskie Labs has come up with an IoT based electricity management system that automates and optimizes the energy consumption within a building or a facility. Enture, electricity management system from Nebeskie Labs, works on Plug and Play nodes that gives the flexibility to install it within any building or facility without the worry of rewiring.

"Most Innovative Energy Saving Product" - 21st National Award for Excellence in Energy Management 2020 - Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).