Enture OEMs

Enture OEM enables original equipment manufacturer (OEM) machine builders to adopt digitization, embracing the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and big data predictive analytics, providing better customer service and support, and improving equipment availability through remote monitoring and predictive maintenance; gain insights on product development and unlock new revenue steams.

Asset Digitization for Efficiency

Save Time & Money

  • Identify any equipment issues. before they become serious problems.
  • Dashboard and analytics tools to visualize and analyze the data remotely from the comfort of your office.

Guarantee Uptime To Customers

  • Move your customers from preventive to condition based maintenance.
  • Prevent unexpected downtime, it's associated costs and Move your customers to condition based maintenance.

Stay Ahead In Your Product R&D

  • Reduce your energy and operation cost in your all assets.
  • Create a continuous data input from the production environment to refine and optimize products.

Case Studies

Enture Applications

Your Enture Benefits

Telemetry Data Collection

Effortlessly gather and analyze real-time data from your OT devices, enabling informed decision-making.


Seamlessly integrates with any OT and IT systems, ensuring a unified and efficient IoT ecosystem.


Manage multiple tenants or clients within a single platform, simplifying administration & optimizing resource utilization.

APIs for Enterprise IT Systems & Software

Enhance connectivity by leveraging our robust APIs to integrate with your existing IT infrastructure.

Edge Enabled

Process data at the edge for faster response times, enhancing the performance of your IIoT applications.


Your data's safety is our priority. Benefit from top-tier security measures to protect IoT ecosystem from potential threats.


Grow your IoT infra effortlessly as your needs, ensuring seamless expansion without compromising performance.

Data Visualization

Gain insights through dynamic & intuitive data visualization tools, transforming raw data into actionable intelligence.

Custom Reports

Tailor reports to your unique requirements, enabling you to monitor & analyze IoT data in a way that suits your business.

Ease of Use

Enjoy a user-friendly interface that simplifies IoT management and empowers users of all skill levels.


Get up and running swiftly with our hassle-free installation process, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.