Power Quality Monitoring

Power quality monitoring ensures the reliable and optimal performance of electrical equipment by identifying issues of critical parameters such as voltage level, current waveform, frequency stability, harmonics, transients, and other disturbances in the electrical system and it help mitigate issues such as equipment damage, operational disruptions, increased efficiency, and decreased energy costs.

  • Voltage monitoring detects fluctuations and ensures a stable power supply, it also prevents damage to electronic devices and maintains performance in electrical systems.
  • Monitoring frequency ensures it stays close to the standard avoiding deviations that could affect the efficiency of electrical devices.
  • Harmonic monitoring at Incomer and primary feeder identifies waveform distortions caused by non-linear loads, ensuring a clean power supply. It safeguards equipment from damage and enhances the overall efficiency of electrical systems.
  • Power factor monitoring ensuring that electrical systems energy effectively It helps optimize energy consumption, reducing waste and promoting overall efficiency in the power distribution network.
  • Voltage unbalance involves uneven distribution of voltages among the phases in a three-phase system, which can lead to motor overheating and inefficient power usage.

Power Quality Monitoring Overview

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